Design Consultation for Office Interior, House Remodeling & Kitchen Remodeling

Our design consultants are dedicated to ensuring the success of your interior renovations, providing your space with new life. At Prestige Shade Studio, we prioritize your needs above all else, ensuring that quality is never compromised for affordability. Rest assured, you’ll receive aesthetically pleasing and attractive design solutions that align with your budget.

Our team recognizes that creating fabulous interior renovations is a process that requires time and expertise. That’s why we provide professional interior design services tailored to suit your energy, mood, and lifestyle. We prioritize practicality while ensuring that your space reflects your personality and provides a comforting and beautiful environment. Whether you’re feeling dissatisfied with your current space or simply seeking a change, now could be the perfect time to redesign the interior of your apartment.

Our interior consultant at Prestige Shade Studio will assist you in experimenting with different themes, color schemes, geometry, and structures to reach your interior renovation goals.

Create custom window treatments, reupholster furniture, wall covering and wallpapers, we can do all of it for you


Be it a furniture reupholstery that may be old or a restoration dream that you may have for your sofa, chairs, or window treatments, we have experience and expertise. We’ve been serving the Aventura, FL community for years.

Whether you need a change in the look of your home or plan to repair furniture, have no worries – we have the ultimate solution.

  1. Sofas
  2. Chairs
  3. Ottomans
  4. Dining Room And Kitchen Seating Areas
  5. Bench Seating
  6. Indoor And Outdoor Cushions

Wall Paneling

Make your Aventura, FL place noticeably distinct and exude classiness with a touch of luxury with our wall decor and wall paneling service. Our sophisticated and exclusive design service is the ultimate recipe for transforming your home from ordinary to brilliant and absolutely modern.

Start visualizing your Aventura lounge, and then imagine it decorated with the extravagance of luxury walls. The panels will be more than just decorative elements; they will give an extra flavor to the apartments that are superior – luxurious, vivid, and one-of-a-kind.


Do you want some colorful and captivating walls instead of your plain and dull ones? Do you imagine yourself bringing color, taste, and yourself into the area? The question is whether yes or no. In that case, you should be looking for wall decor for the living room, which we design according to all kinds of interiors, from the classic to the modern, from the rustic to the eclectic. In this regard, your choice ranges from nature, art, architecture, and culture to many other genres, and the outcome is spectacular, creative, artistic wall painting.

We can turn your walls into true art and design and make your interior impeccable and stylish like nothing else. Contact us right now, and we will be at your service to help you make your dream wallpaper!